This is the page for the plans of Subterrestrials, a story by Chris

Summary: A group of astronauts travel to Osiris IV, a planet with an atmosphere believed to be similar to Earth's. Earth is dying out, so there are reconnaissance missions to other planets in order to determine whether they can be colonized.

When they arrive, the planet appears to be devoid of life...but then the astronauts discover the reminants of a civilization BELOW Osiris IV's surface: Millions of miles of inter-connected steel corridors that once housed a very scienfically-gifted race of beings and all their highly devolped machinery and inventions.

The only life that remains in the corridors is a deadly mutation of the original alien species: quadripedal predators that are somewhere between lizards and tigers. The astronauts must fight these creatures, amidst their discovery of a way to use the beasts' blood samples to create clones of the aliens in their pre-mutated state...

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